Large (10") Miniature Carved Maple Chair, with Teeth!

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I don't know who carved this chair or precisely when, but they definitely had some carving abilities, as it was done entirely out of one piece of wood--and what a beautiful piece of wood it is (maple I believe). This is the second miniature furniture piece (though the scale of this is more tabletop sculpture than dollhouse) I've found in as many weeks with carved "teeth", which to me aligns it with the chip-carved patterns of tramp art frames and boxes, and in this case makes for a pretty fun counterpoint to the graceful lines of the rest of the chair. 

10" t x 4" w x 4 1/2" d and in excellent condition. I do believe this has a fair number of years on it, though it doesn't much show it, aside for some very minor surface cracking to the wood on the seat of the chair.