Lapid, Israel Signed Mid-Century Pottery Vase / Planter

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I’m a fan of mid-century Lapid, Israel pottery (founded in 1949 in Tel Aviv and operated there until sometimes in the 1980s I believe) and keep an eye out for it—hand-painted and signed by their individual makers, Lapid pieces tend to be reminscent of Scandinavian and West German modernist ceramics, but have their own distinct sensibility. The body of this slip cast stoneware low vase or smallish planter (perfect for an orchid or forced bulbs) is glazed a mottled light brown, with terrific painterly banded pattern around the sides created through a wax resist technique. The interior is smooth, satiny black.

5 1/2” widest, 3 3/4” t; 5 1/8” across at lip. Perfect condition.