Lapid Israël Mid-Century Wax Resist Patterned Brown Vase

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I've had a few different mid-century Lapid Israel vases and really loved each of them---reminscent of Scandinavian and West German modernist ceramics, but with their own distinct sensibility. While there is not a lot written about Lapid Pottery Works, I do know it which was founded in 1949 in Tel Aviv and operated there until sometimes in the 1980s, producing kitchenware and sanitary ware in addition to the hand-painted art ware pieces for which they are now best known.

This slip cast stoneware vase is glazed a mottled light brown, with terrific banded pattern around the sides created through a wax resist technique. The wide lip and interior are glazed a dark blue-black. Substantial in size and presence, it would be great filled with flowers or foliage (I think winter greens would look especially nice in this)--or just on its own.  

Excellent condition. Signed on the bottom "Lapid Israel" and "D", the initial of its maker. 7 1/2" tall x 7" widest; 4 3/4" across at lip.