Knives Through Hand, Homemade Magic Box!

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I'm always happy to find anything having to do with magic, the more home-fashioned the better, so it was total joy to find this box, which I have to assume was made to perform a knives through hand trick--though the magician's assistant would need to have a smaller hand than I do to make this work without getting stabbed! I would guess the magician would perform it with the front (blank) side of the wooden box showing to the audience, while the assistant would insert his or her hand inside, using the pencil-drawn guides on both the inside and reverse side of the box to avoid getting knifed. Whether or not this proved either effective or convincing I have my doubts, but I sure love the artifact of the effort! 

Box measures 9" l x 4 3/4" w x 2 1/4" and is in good condition, sized just right to fit a hand inside, and latches closed. A little wear and a scattered staining to the hand drawings, which were done in pencil on white paper then adhered to the exterior and interior of the box. *knife not included!