Fran Tarkenton and a Good Man, Child's Marker Drawing on (Girdle) Board, 1970

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One of three 1970 drawings by a genius child artist, who clearly loved his sports, and his athletes. This one pays tribute to Fran Tarkenton--and to a "Good Man," being who I am not sure, but perhaps it is his bearded face that floats about the text. This drawing seems to have taken a little water at some point, making the black bleed a little, but I don't think it detracts from the fabulousness of the two football players with their long blue bodies and arms stretching to the sky. So fun, and even more so for having been done on the board over which a girdle was stretched, making for a perfect marriage of "feminine" and "masculine."

14" x 10 3/8". What appears to be some bleeding as noted, but no damage to the board and otherwise in good condition.