Willie Mays, Fabulous c. 1970 Large Child's Drawing on Cardboard

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This is one of three 1970 marker drawings done by a child depicting specific athletes, all of which I think are just fabulous. Here we have Willie Mays wearing his #24 jersey (looking a bit like Joseph's coat of many colors, with two different colors for the pant legs peeking out below, too!) and what I take for a ball in black headed (with tail it's moving so fast!) toward his orange bat! Great face, too, but my favorite may be the catcher in green over whom Mays towers, with those marvelous hands, looking as if wearing a glove on each. Pure greatness in the way that children's drawing can achieve.

13 7/16" x 8". Marker on cardboard. With a loss to the upper left corner but otherwise in very good condition.