Keystone Mills Ten Pound Wooden Cinnamon Crate with Original Label

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Such a fantastic box! Or crate, really--made to hold 10 pounds of imported cinnamon. It features its original label, with fabulous inset portrait of what appears to be an Egyptian woman set against a landscape complete with camel, natives with shields, palm trees and stone columns--fitting in that the use of cinnamon is believed by most to have originated in Egypt, used as early as 2000 B.C.

The adjacent side of the box is painted with stenciled black letters: "Keystone Mills 10 Lbs." The box itself is in very good shape, with beautiful jointed corners. My guess is that it dates from the late 19th century or so. Nice and big, it could hold all sorts of things! Really a wonderful thing! 

The box measures 10 7/8" wide x 8 7/8" deep x 6 3/8" tall. The top couple of joints of one corner have been smashed a bit, but otherwise it is in really great shape.