Karin og Aase, Denmark Mid-Century Blue and White Glazed Ceramic Brooch

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Though not easy to photograph (it looks crisper and sharper in reality than photos portray), I think this vintage mid-century Danish ceramic pin or brooch is super—very Scandinavian, very modern, and also pretty timeless, plus really easy to wear. C. 1960s, it was created and signed by Karin og Aase, Denmark, who made a series of pins in this glaze palette, some featuring animals, other playing with simple geometries like this one, which I must say is my favorite of all I have seen. A terrific gift for a lover of mid-century Scandinavian ceramics, or anyone!

Very good condition, no chips or cracks or crazing that I can see. Just shy of 2 1/2" long X 1 1/2" tall.