Jugtown Pottery Ware Orange Glazed Set of Four Mugs, One Cup, Five Saucers

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This is a terrific set of four Jugtown Pottery earthenware mugs and saucers in Jugtown's iconic orange glaze, plus an extra cup (without handle) and plate--perfect for sugar cubes and cookies to serve along with coffee, though I do think that the integrity of these rather calls for coffee served strong and pure! I also believe these have the power to change the whole nature of one's day--sitting over coffee with one in hand feels a little like feeling the earth beneath bare feet; wonderfully grounding, and just good. 

I am not certain the age on these but they are definitely old, and each one is wonderfully unique.  Jugtown Pottery was founded in 1921 by Jacques and Juliana Busbee, artists from Raleigh, NC, who shared a love of craft and form. With Jugtown--which continues to operate today under the leadership of potter Vernon Owens--they sought to meld forms from ancient traditions with those of utilitarian pottery developed in North Carolina. In 1917 they created The Village Store and Tea Room in New York City, and in 1922 they began stamping each piece with the circular Jugtown Ware stamp. 

This whole set is in very good condition. There is a hairline crack on the exterior surface of one mug, and another shows some greenish brown coloration to the orange glaze on the exterior of one side. Otherwise there are some small chips here and there just to the glazing around the lips--minor. All pieces are impressed on the bottom with the round Jugtown Ware stamp. Mugs measure about 3 7/8" across (give or take; there is variation from one to the next); approx 4 3/4" across with handle. Saucers measure between 5 1/2" to 5 3/4" across, 7/8" tall. The unhandled cup measures 3 5/8" across and 2 5/8" tall.