Jesus Is Love Handmade Wooden Cross, with Great Backside Too

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I am not the least bit religious, but I deeply love this thing. And, these days, when religion is invoked to support actions that seem to be embody anything but love, I find it super poignant. The deep care and humanity invested in its making perfectly matches its sentiment, and the back side, which shows several prior attempts to get it right before turning it over to try again is, I think, about as good and heartbreakingly true as it gets. LOVE. 

Every inch of the finished side is decorated, with wavy lines in alternating directions filling every square of the perfectly imperfect grid not already occupied with (increasingly squished) letters, and then two crosses on either side drawn over top. A little extra piece was nailed onto the left arm of the cross to balance it out, and the sides are decorated, too. A screwed in hook at top makes for easy hanging, and is good for displaying one side for a while then turning it over to show the other! 

9 1/16" t x 5 7/8" w x 3/4" d and in excellent condition, with some age for sure.