Jerry's Old Match Stick and Inlay Tramp Art Dresser Box with Heart Shaped Hinges

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Surely there is a Jerry out there somewhere who has been waiting for years for a old tramp inlaid matchstick box with his or her name on it! But whether a Jerry or not, it's a sweet one, and an old one, and one infused with a lot of love, both in its making and in its patina of wear and use. I love the wonkiness of the inlaid letters running diagonal across the lid (with two inlaid diamonds to balance, reading a bit like a pair of eyes) and its very sturdy heart-shaped hinges on the back. And then this padded yellow and navy pinstriped interior lining--perhaps done at a later date, I'm not sure, but clean and bright. Plenty of wear to the varnished exterior, with a few surface dings and scrapes, but very warm and heartfelt, and also very sturdy and useful now.

 9 7/8x 7” d x 6” t and in very good structural condition, sits flat, hinges well attached and operating smoothly. Surface wear as evident and documented.