Japanese Vintage Wooden Puzzle Cubes - Sold Individually

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I think it is likely a sign of these times, but everywhere I go-physically and virtually--I find myself picking up wooden puzzles. These two are Japanese, and I must admit I am wary of taken more than a few pieces apart for fear of not being able to put them back together. It is actually a but of a puzzle to even figure out how to begin; it took me a minute to find which piece on each had a little give to allow the taking apart process to begin--and the way the pieces fit together is pretty cool as it reveals itself. But even if not venturing to try to solve them, they're pretty great looking objects for the shelf or coffee table or desk, and with a nice weight and feel in the hand.

Approx 2 3/8" across on each side. Both in very good condition, with a little age and light wear.  Price is per cube; please indicate at checkout which you would like--or add 2 to your cart for the pair!