Japanese Hariko Bobble Head Tiger with Whiskers

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No way could I resist this little Japanese Hariko (paper mache) tiger, with those big red ears, heart shaped nose, and these great spiky wire whiskers!  So Japanese--maybe 1980s or so?--and really a charmer.

The head is attached to the interior of the neck by a thin wire, and I wouldn't say it is especially effective at bobbling, but it is very good at sitting on a shelf looking cute! Good vintage condition, with no notable dings; there is one spot on its neck on the rear side where a little paint has peeled off alongside the red bow, and there are a few loose threads on the edges of the bow, which I have left alone but could be cleaned up with a couple of snips.

5 " l x 2 1/4" t x 1 3/4" w.