Japanese Horse Roulette in Turned Wooden Box with Great Text on Bottom

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I cannot resist objects like this, which wear the stories of their lives on their sleeves--or bottoms, as is the case here. The thing itself is great, and a rare one: a very sweet old turned wood box with terrific galloping red horse on top and roulette wheel inside, which spins super fast, rolling the metal ball around until it lands in one of the recesses, marking the winning horse. One assumes the five little wooden chips stamped with horses 1-5 are to be used to place bets on where the ball will land. Fun.

But what makes it really fun is the writing on the bottom, and an added note on top, too, so that the most important point not be missed. Bernice Arlette Gilman notes that she purchased the box in 1910 or 1915 (noted again as 1915 or so further down) "from a Chinese shop on Sprague, north side of street, close to Washington St. He wore a pig tail as many Chinese did then." Then, "KEEP" circled many times in red. Then, "the ball went under my bed about 1941 I can't reach it."  And again at top: "Ball included (now under my bed)." And then on the front of the box, again: "Ball under Bed." !!!!!

Well, it seems the ball was ultimately retrieved, as it is here now! And the box was indeed kept and made it from Bernice to me. This makes me very happy. Please note, it will be your responsibility if purchasing this to make sure it lives well into the future! 2" tall and 3 1/4" and in very good, clearly used, condition.