Japanese 1940s Tall Celadon Porcelain Vase with Blue Tree and Moriage Blossoms

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I pulled this stunning 1940s Japanese hand painted porcelain vase out of the crumbling barn attic of a man who had served in Japan during WWII—amazingly, considering the precarious perch where I found it, it's in perfect condition! The vase features a celadon body decorated with a blue tree that branches beautifully around its perimeter and is punctuated with white moriage blossoms. At nearly a foot tall and quite heavy, yet with a great elegance and delicacy of surface treatment, it’s truly the perfect thing for holding budding branches in the spring! I found a near twin of this piece sold online, which was stamped "Made in Occupied Japan"; this one is unmarked, I assume due to the fact that it was not imported but rather purchased there.

The vase measures 10 3/4" tall with a diameter of 4 3/4" at base, and is in excellent condition.