Tiny Handmade Illustrated Book: Jane Lones in "Star of the Show" 

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A complete joy to find this tiny handmade book held together by three staples, with 12 pages (24 sides) of pencil drawings and handwritten text telling the story of Jane being selected to star in the Cinderella ballet, much to her own surprise, and the doubts of her friend Sue, and the pride of her mother, and the good faith of her teacher Miss Crout! Costume and hair style selection and lots of practice ensue, and Jane works harder than she ever has in her life to seize the moment! A perfect pick me up if there ever was one!

2 5/8 x 2 1/8. 24 drawings / 12 pp. Good condition with a little toning on front and back cover. C. 1940s I would guess.