Jane Heald Mid-Century Very Fine Gray-Brown Pottery Weed Pot

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There is not a lot out there about Jane Heald, the Pacific Palisades, CA potter (1916-1991) who created this gorgeous lilttle vase, which photos don't do justice, but an interview with Vivika Heino mentions her as being part of a workshop at UCLA, in 1953, taught by Shoji Hamada and Bernard Leach, and notes that Heald, being the only one in the group with her own high-fire kiln, fired pots for everyone in the workshop, including Hamada and Leach.  Otherwise I know that her work was included in the seminal California ceramic exhibition in 1952: Los Angeles County Fair's 6000 Years Art in Clay. 

Certainly she was quite a fine potter as this little vase is beautifully formed, very thin walled, and light as a feather. The glaze is a warm, earthy gray flecked with brown from the body of the clay. A great addition to a collection of mid-century California pottery, and just a little gem.

3 1/2" tall x 3 1/2" wide; approx 1/2 across at opening. Excellent condition. There is one spot of irregularity to the glazing near the bottom of one side, as documented, original to its making.