James Williams "the Ole Whittler" Carved Whimsy

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This whittled whimsy does not have much age, but it certainly carries the pride of James Williams, known as "The Ole Whittler" of Ypsilanti Michigan (1929-2014), who made it. Born in Kentucky, Williams spent his adult life in Ypsilanti, where he worked as a contract carpenter and later for Ford Motor Company.  In his retirement, he spent much of his time carving pieces like this in addition to imparting "the art of whittling" to students, which clearly he had mastered! While I usually gravitate toward older carvings, I like the form of this one, and especially knowing that it gave Williams a lot of joy to make it!

14 5/8" long x 1 1/8" wide and deep. Excellent condition. Carved from one piece of wood.