James Gifford 1803-4 British School Math Notebook, Green and Cream Marbled Cover

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This is one of new batch of several antique math and geometry notebooks just in--from a bookseller in England whose late husband collected them, and happily so.

This is one of two by James Gifford, 1804. It includes lots of word problems requiring multiplication and long division, with specific sections dedicated to Liquid Measure, Cloth Measure, Time, Long Measure, The Rule of Three (and the Double Rule of Three, and the Inverse Rule of Three!), and a Practice section at the end. Gorgeous calligraphy throughout for headers and word problems, which involve calculations relating horses and sailors and usurers; bushels of oats and wheat, punchons of rum, silver tankards, sacks of coal, etc. My favorite: "How many minutes is it since the Birth of our Savior Christ to this present day, November 23, 1803?" (Answer: 940,259,440 minutes!)

8 1/4" x 6 7/8" x 3/8". 56 pages filled front and back. Good condition. Some cracking to the spine, visible only on one page spread, as pictured. Hand-marbled hardcover with cloth spine, some wear to the corners. Inside pages very good; a bit of bleed-thru on the first few pages but not after that.