James Bone "Sea Creatures" Pencil and Watercolor 2010 Drawing

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James Frederic Bone (1929-2015) a prolific and endlessly inventive Chicago artist, did a series of drawings very late in life of floating forms composed body-less facial profiles. Here the double-faced forms read as jellyfish, pulsing through a sea of blue and yellow painted dots. Blue upward-pointing arrows at the top of each head, horizontal pencil lines connecting the eyeballs, and red lines rising from nostrils together convey constant motion and circulation in all directions.  At the center of each form is a subtle flesh color, almost like rubbing done against a lightly textured surface.

What I know about James Bone is that he was born in Brownsville, Texas, received his MFA from the University of Arkansas, and moved to the Hyde Park section of Chicago, IL in the 1970s. I've also found some citations of art reviews he wrote for the Chicago Reader in the 1980s.

8 1/2" x 11" and in very good condition.  Titled at lower left, signed at lower right. There is a second signed drawing on the back as well!