James Bone Portrait of a Girl in Profile

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From a second batch of drawings by Chicago artist James Frederic Bone (1929-2015)...I really love this girl or young woman, who seems to carry the weight of the world on her forehead; I think one could project a thousand stories onto her. Hard to beat the line that defines the curl of hair framing her face, and I really love the hard line between her upper and lower lips.

Undated, though I believe from the 1960s, and executed in ballpoint pen I believe. James Bone, who I know was born in Brownsville, Texas, received his MFA from the University of Arkansas, and moved to the Hyde Park section of Chicago, IL in the 1970s. I've also found some citations of art reviews he wrote for the Chicago Reader in the 1980s. From all that I’ve have seen, he was possessed with a consummate curiosity and keen intelligence in addition to a terrific aesthetic sensibility and sensitive touch; I must say that I have truly and deeply fallen in love with his work!

8.5ʺw ×14" t and in very good condition.