James Bone Couple with Backs Turned on Wicker Table, Drawing on Collage

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From a second batch of drawings by the prolific and endlessly inventive Chicago artist James Frederic Bone (1929-2015), two more collage drawings (the other listed separately) animating Victorian wicker furniture from an old catalog. To me, the best drawings seem effortless, like they always existed in the ether and were just waiting to be put to paper--like this one, where this couple with backs turned to one another  seem as if they were destined for perching on either side of this table!

What I know about James Bone is that he was born in Brownsville, Texas, received his MFA from the University of Arkansas, and moved to the Hyde Park section of Chicago, IL in the 1970. I've found some citations of art reviews he wrote for the Chicago Reader in the 1980s, and know that he was creating drawings up until very near to the time of his death.

The drawing over collage was laid down on white paper. Approximately 4.5ʺ× 6.5ʺ in very good condition, with an ink smudge on the woman, I believe original to the piece. Signed and dated 1998.