James Bone, "Being Van Gogh", Black Ink Drawing, 1940s

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From a second batch of drawings by the prolific and ever inventive Chicago artist James Frederic Bone (1929-2015), this is an early one, done in late 1940s, possibly while he was a grad student. Bone titled it "Being Van Gogh" on the reverse, which I have a feeling was done many years later as a bit of a commentary on the influences and aspirations of his younger artist self. Regardless, I think its a pretty great drawing, evoking all the romanticism of working through the night by candlelight--and with that great looping line among the ink bottles and pen nib seemingly added just for flourish! 

James Bone, who I know was born in Brownsville, Texas, received his MFA from the University of Arkansas, and moved to the Hyde Park section of Chicago, IL in the 1970s. I've also found some citations of art reviews he wrote for the Chicago Reader in the 1980s. From all that I’ve have seen, he was possessed with a consummate curiosity and keen intelligence in addition to a terrific aesthetic sensibility and sensitive touch; I must say that I have truly and deeply fallen in love with his work!

8.5ʺ x 12" and in very good condition.