Jack (the Nonpareil) Dempsey Original 1910 T220 Mecca Cigarette Card

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When I came across this Jack Dempsey Mecca Cigarette Card the other day, I had a hunch it might have some value—beyond that of just being a terrific looking cigarette card! Indeed it does; these seem to list for between $125-$400 or so, depending on condition. (I got a deal, so offer one in turn.)The card was issued in 1910 as part of Mecca’s “Champion Athlete and Prize Fighters” series, consisting of 50 cards, with color litho image on front and biographical information on the flip. I’m not a great student of boxing history, but think it is interesting to know that there were two famous Jack Dempsey boxers--this first Jack Dempsey (51-4 in his career with 11 draws and aptly nicknamed ‘Nonpareil,’) preceding the great Jack Dempsey heavyweight champion of 1910s-20s. Born in 1862, the original Jack "Nonpareil" Dempsey (born John Edward Kelly) lived a short life, passing away by 1895 from tuberculosis. I might guess some of the value of this card has come from the (mis)association of the two, but surely also from his being a great boxer and the original Dempsey! 

2 1/2” by 3 5/16.” I am not a professional grader of cards but would call the condition  good, with a few light stains and mild edge toning, and light bumps to the corners. No folds, tears, creases, bends, etc. and color is great. Shipped in a hard protective case, as it was stored when I found it.