J.T Swann Co. Two Drawer Admirals Wooden Cigar Chest

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Photos are not doing justice to this c. 1940s "Admirals" cigar chest, created by J.T Swann Company in Tampa, Florida. The two drawer box features dovetailed corners on the back side, and a hole at the center of the back, which would make for easy mounting on the wall. I am not certain of the wood --it may be cherry; there is more warmth and golden-ness to the finish than is coming across in the photos, and also more of a sheen. A really lovely and super useful piece!

The bottom is stamped with lots of information, including the seal of the City of Tampa, FL and various legalese, including that "the cigars herein contained were manufactured to retail at more than five cents each and not more than eight cents."

9 1/2"wide x 6" deep x 5 3/4" tall. The box is finished on all sides and has a nice patina. There are a couple of small splits in the wood on the top of the box, as detailed in photos, but overall condition is very good.