J.K Palmer's 1832 Arithmetic Book with Hand Done Fraktur Lettering

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Another antique book too lovely not to bring home, this one titled Daboll's Schoolmaster's Assistant Plain Practical System of Arithmetic, published in 1832. It was owned by a Jacob K. Palmer, who wrote his name all over the end papers, including a few times in fraktur style letters, which he also applied to writing the word "arithmetic". I just love looking at all those letters and flourishes packed onto those few pages, and the interior of the book is lovely and very instructive too, divided into sections like "The Rule of Three" and "Fellowship" and "Involution" that correspond (not surprisingly!) to the sections of the early handwritten math notebooks I so love.

6 1/4" x 4" x 3/4", 228 pages plus a special section on bookkeeping at the end. The once leather covered cover is now mostly exposed board, and is hanging on by a thread, but the binding is good on the rest, back cover included.