J.E. Jeffreys 1889 Pencil Drawing of Hiking Man and Dog

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The patiently waiting, clearly very loyal dog in this sweet antique British graphite drawing really sold me on it, but I love the scene and mood it captures as a whole--that satisfying moment of pause on a long walk, when just the right spot to rest and look around is found, and when one can imagine having a smoke is especially satisfying! The house on the hill in the distance, and the hat on his head, walking stick in his hand and pack slung over his shoulder make it feel just right, and make me at least want to head out on a long hike!

What I know about J.E. Jeffreys, who signed and dated this in 1889, is that he likely  lived in Stratford, near London, and created a wide mix of drawings, from very detailed architectural drawings to more rural and pastoral scenes.

7 7/8" x 5 7/16 and in very good condition with minor age coming around the edges and few graphite smudges in the background, I don't think detracting.