J.E. Jeffreys Late 1800s British Graphite Drawing of Children and Sheep

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I'll just never tire of looking at baby animals, whether in drawings or real life, and it has always seemed to me that if one were to be a farm animal, having a ewe for a mother would be the best, with all that wool to snuggle into!  I like the parallel between two lamb and two onlooking kids here, and the various directions of their gazes, with the kids looking at the sheep, the lambs looking forward left and right, and the mother straight ahead in the opposite direction, but clearly seeing all:) And the great fence makes a perfect framing device.

This drawing is unsigned but I know dates to the late 19th century and was done by J.E. Jeffreys, who likely lived in Stratford, near London, and created a wide mix of drawings, from very detailed architectural drawings to more rural and pastoral scenes.  7 7/8" x 5 7/16 and in very good condition with a very light, small crease top center (not a tear), very minor. Color is truest in the overall image; details are a bit lighter than actual in paper tone.