J.E. Jeffreys 19th Century British Pencil Drawing of Boy on Donkey

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This little boy with stick in hand makes me think of a young Napolean every time I look at him...doesn't he just look like he's planning to rule the world?!  At the moment, though, he seems to have just lost his hat and is hoping to use the stick to grab it, but the kindly looking donkey upon which he is perched seems much more interested in his little dog friend than in turning around to help. As such, the drawing unpacks as a wonderful portrait of impotence and thwarted desire, with the donkey clearly in control--giving the whole thing added resonance at this particular political moment! 

Pencil on wove. Signed J.E.J and dated February 1887 at lower right. Very good condition, with only minor discoloration and smudging. Just above his stick is a bit of a brown spot which gives that patch of the sky a bit of the feel of a tiny tornado!  8 x 10 3/8”