It's Wet! Silkscreen on Cardboard Sapolin Paint Signs

Regular price $22.00

I think these old Sapolin Paint "It's Wet!" signs are just gorgeous! I'm a big fan of old Sapolin products to begin with (they sold little bottles of gold paint for Japanning in terrific dome-lidded turned wooden boxes that I always grab when I find them), and clearly their good design sense carried through to their signage. These signs appear to be silkscreens (the red and blue are super lush and vivid) printed on a nice weight cream board. Definitely suitable for framing, and pretty Warholian, I'd say!

10 3/4" tall x 6 5/8" wide. Three of the four I have are in great condition, with just a bit of darkening and bumping around the edges; the fourth has some blackish marks against the red splash; I'll include it as a bonus should one wish to buy the other three. Price is per sign (so $22 each or the lot of 4 for $66.)