Italian Soldier Nine Pin Skittles Set on Rolling Cart, Made for B Altman

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I can just picture a Christmas window display at the old B Altman's on Fifth Avenue (c. 1950s or so I think) filled with a bunch of these charming soldier skittle sets, maybe with neatly arranged rows of German nutcrackers on either side!  With red and green hats, coats and balls, they really do make for perfect holiday decor, with the added benefit of standing ready for a lively carpet bowling match any time! 

Complete set of nine pins and two balls on smoothly rolling cart, all in very good, lightly used condition. Cart measures 10 3/4" l x 4 7/8" w. Skittles are 5 3/4" tall. There is an original sticker on the front end of the cart that reads "Made in Italy for B Altman."