Italian Faience Green and Orange Lidded Bowls and Plates-Reserved for KS

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I am pretty sure this stunning set of six hand-painted lidded bowls and plates was made in Southern Italy (Amalfi or near), c. 1940s-60s, and are faience: earthenware pottery with a tin glaze. I love the thought of serving soup or oatmeal in these, with lids on to keep it warm, and plates underneath. The colors are lush and perfect in combination, and each piece in the set is wonderfully unique, with subtle variations in form as well as  glazing (the glaze on the handles, especially, ranges from yellowish to rust orange.) Really a terrific set. 

These are in really excellent condition. There are various imperfections original to their making, which just add to their charm. The only actual flaws I have found are two tiny chips on the lips of two of the bowls (one on each)--very minor, and noticeable only upon close inspection. 

Bowls measure 4 1/4" across at lip, 5 3/4" across with handles, 2 3/4" tall, 4 tall with lids on. Plates measure 6 1/2" d x 1" tall.