Italian Cast Bronze Large Ancient Coin Paperweight

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This interesting cast bronze object, which I think I'd use as a paperweight, is based on a very ancient (c.275 B.C) coin from Hatria (now Atri in the Abruzzo region of Italy--and thus the HAT on one side), perhaps originally an Etruscan colony, then Roman, which sold for about 50K at auction in 2016. It features the head of Silenus (a drinking companion of Bacchus) on one side, and a sleeping dog on the other. I'd guess this oversized reproduction was made in the mid-20th century (though I have found no others like it) and was beautifully done--solid bronze, now with a nice patina, and feels great in the hand. The sleeping dog, which experts think may have expressed Hatria's loyalty to Rome, is especially wonderful. 

3 1/8" in diameter and 3/4" deep. Marked Italy along one edge.