Antique Iron Cannonball With Mustachioed Face!

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I've really fallen in love with this curiosity, which weighs in at 12 pounds, and so much wonder how it came to be. It sure seems to me like an actual cannonball, and quite an old one, though I am no expert on cannonballs, and I suppose it is possible that it was an iron ball used for some sort of carnival purpose, which might explain the face painted on it, long ago for sure. But looking at Civil War cannonballs makes me think it could be that, with traces of a seam, as there should be, and two round marks on the back side, one larger, one smaller, which sure make it look like it came into contact with something! In any event, quite a fabulous thing I think, with a terrific surface and the aging to the white painted face just exactly right.

4" in diameter and weighs 9 pounds 10 oz. Very good presumed antique condition.