Iron Folk Art Woodpecker Door Knocker

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I've eyed and almost purchased a few different woodpecker shaped knockers, but it's this one that ultimately sold me, in no small part because it's such a satisfying one to use, with the gold painted, square ended beak of the bird knocking against the iron plate with a really good clap, and with its tail then equally satisfyingly knocking against the plate in the opposite direction. Easily mounted to a wall via holes at either end of the iron plate, and good indoors or out; if I had an office with a door I might mount it just outside, such that anyone visiting would surely be in a more cheerful mood upon entering!

8 1/16" long (plate) x 2 7/8" d x 1 1/2" w. I'd guess 1940s-50s c. or so, in very good condition with a bit more sense of age than photos capture, and wear to the mounting plate from a good bit of knocking!