Alaskan Inuit Carved Tusk Polar Bear Salt and Pepper Shakers

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I've had a couple of Alaskan Inuit polar bears carved of walrus tusk, but never a shaker, or two! I found these at Brimfield, and of course it's the faces I couldn't resist, with carefully carved teeth inside those red painted open mouths. The holes appear pretty much the same between the two of them, so perhaps both are salts, or peppers (it does look like one at least has held pepper); the bottoms easily twist off the threaded bases so one could easily fill and use them again. To me, though, they feel like protectors, so I might perch them somewhere as guards. With beautiful veins in the tusk, and a particular personality to each.

Each approx 2 1/2" t x 1" d and both in very good condition.  C. mid 20th century.