Inuit Stone Carved Loon

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I find this loon (I believe it is) tremendously satisfying, with its elegant, smoothly carved body offset by its elongated, slightly hooking, more primitively carved head and beak in the most perfect, empathy-inducing way.  Making it even better is the maker's use of the natural coloration of the stone (soapstone I believe), such that one half of the loon is more of dark gray-green, and the other a lighter green-brown, changing just about right down the middle of the back. Another example of an Inuit carving that exhibits dual natures even while assuming the most pared down of forms.  This is one I would keep close, as it feels really wonderful in the hand. 

5" l x 2" wide x 1 3/8" tall and in very good condition. Unsigned. I would guess 1940s or 50s but I am not entirely sure. There are eyes carved on both sides of the head, though a but more apparent on the lighter colored side.