Inuit Carved Soapstone Canadian Goose, 7 Inches, Mid-Century

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I was not prepared for the scale and weight--and terrific presence!-- of this Inuit carved goose, which I purchased online--it is less of carving to add to the menagerie, and more of a substantial sculpture, to give pride of place.  And, having spent a few years on a farm negotiating geese, which were extremely territorial and fiercely protective of one another, I think it beautifully captures the posture, poise and pride of the goose, always on the watch and ready to hiss when necessary!

The disc number--E9-1545--carved on the underside dates it to sometime between 1941-1978, with the E I believe indicating one of the 9 districts East of Goja Haven, an Inuit hamlet in Nunavut, above the Arctic Circle, located in the Kitikmeot region. Good condition, with some small scattered scratches to the surface of the stone and one thin hairline crack on the right side near the tail. 7" tall x 6 18" long x 2 3/16 deep.