Inuit Carved Wood Sea Lion Bookends with Bared Teeth, a Pair

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Love at first sight with these two, which I believe are Inuit, probably Alaskan, and I'd guess 1940s or so. The mounting of the the carved sea lions (I am pretty sure sea lions rather than seals) to bookend type platforms seems a bit of an afterthought (they're not heavy enough to be very effective bookends, and the nails attaching the carvings to their platforms have some wiggle) but what marvelous and very charming creatures, most especially the faces with open mouths filled with tiny carved teeth and painted just the right red inside.  Great side by side on a shelf facing front or facing each other, or barking at one another from some distance.

Just shy of 8" long x 4" t x 4" d  each. Sold as a pair. Good condition, with a little water staining to the front of one base and some wiggle when moved because they are only nailed to their bases in one spot, which presents no issues, they sit just right.