Internally Crusty C. 1930s Bols Apricot Blown Glass Rhino Bottle (with Owl Box)

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As found, this c. 1930s Bols blown glass rhino shaped bottle contains some long since hardened and crystallized remnants of the apricot liqueur that once filled it entirely, the effect of which I love, making an ancient looking creature appear all the more so, and with the transparency of the glass granting a view into the creature's interior world!  The stopper is still firmly in place, itself crusted over, so that the breath of this rhino is forever held. I purchased this one from a dealer who had come upon a collection of them; the period box here is for "Owl" but suits this rhino nicely, and is a lovely box. 

Bottle: 3 1/16" l x 2" t x 1" w. Box: 4 7/16" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/8" t. Aside from the crustiness, in very good condition!