Interesting Small Knotted Horsehair Brush

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I think it is possible that this is a fly whisk or a horsetail whisk brush, which from what I understand are common to Asia, both as tokens of Taoism (shooing away evils) and with the practical function of brushing away the flies, mosquitoes. etc. But I am not certain! What made me fall in love with it is the construction, with each small bunch of horsehair carefully knotted onto what appears to be thread, which wraps around what appears to be a thin horn handle to form the brush. The end has come loose, which is what allows one to see the construction, but it seems that it could be re-wrapped tightly and resumed using the thread on the end, should one want to do that.  I rather like it hanging loose, and might wrap and tie a ribbon around the end of the handle and hang it on the wall as is, feathering out.

7 5/8" long; 3/16" wide at handle, 3" across at widest point of bristles.