SOLD Intense Looking Kitty! Double-sided, Four Tier Folk Art Magazine Rack

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Another fun one from an estate sale a few days ago in Gloucester, MA - the estate of an architect who was cat-crazy! And this was definitely among the best cats in the collection--a foot and a half tall, 16 and a half inches wide, with four shelves opening to either side, I believe meant for stashing magazines but useful for all sorts of things. I love the intensity of the cat, and the alligatored paint on its face, that red nose especially! Painted on both sides, similar but some variation, and with the cream paint a bit creamier (less yellow-ish) than my photos convey. Wonderfully graphic and pretty fabulous.

18 1/4" t x 16 3/8" w x 8 5/8" d. Very good vintage condition, c. 1940s; structurally very sound and sturdy. I have dusted it off pretty well but it could probably use a better scrub to the interior compartments if one were so inclined.

Non east-coast buyers--shipping will be a bit more expensive than shown at checkout due to size. Go ahead and purchase if you like and I will invoice you the difference, likely $20 or so. International buyers, please contact me for an accurate bid.