Indian Lost Wax Cast Bronze Antique Dhorka Box - Two of Two

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This is a beautiful--and heavy!--old Indian cast bronze Dhorka box (the second of two in the shop, and which I purchased together) dating I think to the 19th century, though it really feels quite ancient! Dhorka refers to the traditional method of lost wax casting native the Dhokra Damar tribes of West Bengal. 

This box shows wonderful detail in the patterning all over and feels like a small piece of architecture.  Over time, there has been some deterioration to the bronze: on the front, only the remnants of a clasp remain, and the two hinges on the back, attached via wire, were I think long ago broken, such that the lid lifts all the way off. To me, these things, and the all over aging to the bronze, just contribute to its presence and richness as an object with a long history; really a lovely thing.

5" long x 4 3/8" deep x 4 3/4" tall.