Indian Lost Wax Cast Bronze Old Dhorka Box - One of Two

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This is a beautiful--and heavy!--old Indian cast bronze Dhorka box, I believe dating to the 19th century, though it really feels quite ancient! Dhorka refers to the traditional method of lost wax casting native the Dhokra Damar tribes of West Bengal. 

This box shows wonderful details in the patterning all over as well as in the hardware, including rod hinging on the back. Over time, there has been some deterioration to the bronze: one of the hinges connecting the lid to the rod on the back of the box is broken, and what I'd guess was one a short rod on the front connecting the clasp closure on the front has been replaced (some time ago) with wire. This means taking a little care to set the lid squarely on top when opening and closing, but really I'd treat this box more as a decorative than a functional object anyway--set it somewhere to admire it and leave it alone! 

5 1/4" long x 4" deep x 5 3/8" tall. Aging to the bronze all over which is part of what gives it a really wonderful presence