Incredibly Tender Carved Wooden Doll Couple in Hand-sewn Outfits

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Oh, these two! They remind somewhat of old Grenfell Mission dolls from Labrador, but  their clothing is suggests they are laborers to me, so I'm not certain of their origins, and while they seem very much one of a kind, there are hand-written numbers on each of their legs suggesting they might be two of a series made (?)  In any case, what a charming pair, one in brown wool jacket and jeans, the other in white felt coat and brown wool pants, all sewn together by hand of fine, heavy material, and with a knitted hat that looks pretty great on both of them! Clearly the brown wool jacket shows some loss and there is a missing button on the white one, but I find them all the sweeter for it, and love the crudeness and individuality of the carved features on their faces. Love love.

Sold as a pair as they seem pretty bonded! 1920s-40s I would think. Taller measures 9" tall; shorter 8 3/8" t. Both show small losses to their feet but will stand up on their own.