Incredible Sculptural Antique Wooden Saddle with Original Rope Joinings

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I found this wooden saddle in Massachusetts, though am not sure where it came from; I just found it a phenomenal sculptural object, which also reads quite like a very primitive, large mask when hung on the wall, with ear-like pieces at top. Definitely it is quite old, with fabulous fat iron nails all over, a hand-hammered iron strip along one curve, and then these two areas of woven and knotted rope on the face, looking rather like God's eyes and-- together with more rope hanging off the sides like hair--making this feel all the more like a shamanistic object! I just find it amazing. 

18" l x 13" w x 11 1/2" d, sturdy and stable, with a beautiful dry wood patina. I think perhaps sized for a child. Handily, there is an iron hook attached to the back, which could be used for hanging it on the wall like a mask.