ON HOLD Incredible 19th C. Monastery Work Reliquary with Painted Saint and Elaborate Ornamentation

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This amazing thing, what a piece of work! I'm not at all an expert on reliquaries, but certainly that is what this is, holding small relics of S. Asteria and S. Modesti, both martyrs as indicated by the M's following their names. (The relics themselves appear most likely to be the small bits of cloth under the handwritten labels bearing their names, though it's a but hard to tell given all that is packed in and woven together here! At the center is a painting of a saint, all hand-done, on bone it looks to me, with what appears to be Betru__ written in gold underneath, which hasn't led e to a certain identification (I think he looks like St. Francis, and that blue sure feels like Giotto's Assisi blue to me.) And then all of this amazing ornament--silver and gold wirework and paper coiling forming ribbons and flowers and flourishes, with what appear to be pearls and jewels integrated throughout. All locked forever under glass in the original deep frame. My guess is Italian (or, if not, French), 19th century. I found it in the Hudson River Valley, along with the Madonna i just listed, and believe they likely came from the same collection. 

9 5/8" X 8" X 1" and in good condition, with some damage to the surface of the frame at top and bottom edges, as documented, I do not believe detracting or much noticeable when hung. A little dust trapped inside, minor, but it appears no losses at all and nothing loose in the frame. Quite a stunning thing.