In Memory of My 19th Birthday, 1864, Ink Drawing in Period Frame

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A perfect 19th birthday present if I ever saw one--though also for anyone who can remember being nineteen, in my case very distantly! One certainly wonders what all happened that year in the life of the Frank Ellis who drew this in 1864--during the Civil War, with the arching stalks and capillary-like branches of what I take for boughs of a fruit tree having a bit of the mournful quality of a weeping willow. But, yet, a pot of blooming flowers right at the center--and indeed one hopes Ellis made it to see his 20th year.  I find it quite a special feeling thing, and in a very nice, roughly period frame--grain painted with silver interior edge.

9 x 11 framed, 7 1/2 x 9 5/8 paper. Some toning to paper as evident and a small tear at center left edge, not at all detracting. Frame shows general wear and a few dings, just as it should.