Ice Melting From Lake Emily, Minnesota, Early Stereoview, H.J Jacoby

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Another from a small, carefully chosen group of albumen photo stereoviews I purchased from a collection in mid-Coast Maine last week, and which I'd be quite happy to keep for myself. This one pictures a block of ice cut from Lake Emily, as a handwritten note on the back, with label from Jaboby's Art Gallery, St. Peter, Minnesota, attests--and which seems to contain a glass goblet inside of it with dramatic silhouette. Why and why???  A curious one for sure, and I think beautiful both formally and conceptually--a sort of temporal minimalist sculpture set on a a table and framed on all sides, containing a mystery within--the ice soon to be melted, and the glass soon to be revealed, one assumes, but both suspended forever together here.

6 15/16 x 4 15/16 and in good antique condition, with light general wear. C. 1870s I believe.