Handmade Fishing Hand Lines / Reels with Heavy Rainbow Line - Sold Individually

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Maybe it's because it's a gray January as I post them, but I find these wooden fishing hand lines (at least I believe that is what they are, and I think made for ice fishing) super beautiful, kind of like readymade Gods Eyes. The wooden crosses--one stained green on both sides, the other just on one for the most part--are as simple as can be but perfectly useful, with the holes in the centers about the diameter of pencil (I used one to quickly unwind then rewind one of the reels.) Each holds many yards of a very strong, rainbow colored line with a wire center (I think maybe a waxed braided nylon)--which I must say is pretty gorgeous wound just as it is. (The partially stained one also has a stretch of a pale green rubber coated wire on top of the rainbow one). I'd just hang these right on the wall! 

8" from tip to tip of the cross; 7/8" deep. Photos are for one, then the other. The one with the unstained wood has a chip in the wood on one end of the stained side. Sold separately--price is per reel; please indicate at check out which you would like (though pretty nice as a pair!)